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Designed and Created by Sheri Rector

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I Create Beautiful Designs, Make Them Simple To Sew And Make Them Available To The Widest Audience Possible. Rainbow Moon Patterns are created by Sheri Rector and sold by my company Rainbow Moon Treasures based in Rochester, Minnesota USA. Our website is http://rainbow-moon-treasures.com/
I also have a Craftsy.com store and an Etsy.com store

I Design Elaborate Quilt Top Patterns That I Sell As PDFs Online For Only $9 Each. I Encourage You To Download One Or More Of The Free Patterns!  It Will Give You A Chance To See How I Structure My Designs And Instructions; They Are Much Easier To Sew Than They Look! 

Each Quilt Top Pattern Instruction PDF Includes:

If you have questions or concerns about Rainbow Moon Patterns, please let me know and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible! Email: info(at)rainbow-moon-treasures.com

Enjoy your sewing!

Though I do not have a physical storefront, my mailing address is:
3936 Hwy 52 N #293, Rochester, MN 55901



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